In the Paths of our Existence

, by  Willem Kuypers , popularity : 30%

In the paths of our existence, there are at times obstacles, rocks barring the road. If these obstacles appear too great or if we, through fatigue or other reasons, are deflated, then we sit and weep, unable to advance, unable to return. Some failure has damaged our **élan. An unfaithful friend, failures in exams, in work, we no longer feel that blossoming dynamism. We carry our bodies like lumps of lead. We slumber into a world of disillusionment, apathetic, listless. But then comes change: winter changes to spring, we meet a friend, we rest, forces awaken in our bodies, life seems to surge once more, as the morning sun, calm, unswerving, certain, never faltering.

- Jean Vanier, Tears of Silence, p.17