Daily Thoughts from Jean Vanier - 7/2/09

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Just Two Friends

Earlier this year, Roma went on a holiday to visit her family in Arizona, accompanied by an assistant. My part in the trip was to meet their plane in Toronto on the return portion of the trip and drive Roma back to our L’Arche community in Sudbury.

We met at the airport and the assistant went on her way. It was already about 8:30 p.m., so Roma and I found our hotel and had a light supper. We enjoyed the luxury of our "suite" and after each of us had had a lovely bath, we settled in our big beds. I was feeling tired after the five hour drive from Sudbury and the stress of finding the right terminal, parking area and gate. I looked over at Roma and she looked peaceful. We said goodnight, and I thought to myself, "Good! Now I can relax and do my usual scripture reading before going to sleep." I had just started to read when Roma asked, "Claire, what does the book say?" I hesitated; then asked her if she wanted me to read it out loud. "Yes," came the answer. So I read the story of Jesus healing the blind man, and this lead to our talking about Roma’s limited vision and also the ways that I don’t see too well at times. So, then, we prayed together—Roma, in her usual way, "for everybody here, for Mrs. Griffin—she died," and so forth. Then we said goodnight again and all was quiet.

After that I took out my novel and started to read. Again, Roma asked, "Claire, what does the book say?" So, I started to tell her about the story. I was going strong when I happened to turn and look at Roma and she was sound asleep.

I eventually went to sleep myself feeling somehow whole in a little different way. Roma had invited me into full mutuality so naturally. There was no "core member" in that room that night—just two friends.

Claire Trahan, L’Arche Sudbury



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